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Nuts & Soy

There are no nuts used and sold in this restaurant. 

The Vegan base is made with Coconut Milk.

Soy or Soy derivatives are not used or sold in this restaurant.

Fish & Shellfish

None of our products contain any shellfish.

We keep canned Tuna available as a mix-in.


The only sources of Eggs in this restaurant are our Multi-Grain Pasta, Low-Carb Pasta, Cookies and Brownies.  Please stick to the Regular or Gluten-Free pasta if this is an issue.


The Coconut Milk used for the Vegan base contains Sodium Metabisulfite as a preservative.


The Vegan base contains Marmite, a Yeast extract.


American, Cheddar, Lite Cheddar and Pepperjack cheeses do not contain Animal Rennet.

All-American, Cheeseburger, Masala & Buffalo Chicken are all Animal Rennet free.

Dairy & Lactose

We now offer two alternatives if you are allergic or intolerant to Dairy.

Reduced Lactose    

If you are mildly Lactose Intolerant and can generally consume cheese products, you can ask for any menu item to be prepared Reduced Lactose for an additional cost.  Your order will then be prepared using the Vegan Coconut Milk base instead of the Milk base.

Warning:  Please be aware that Reduced Lactose will still contain some cow’s milk cheese.

Vegan/Dairy Free    

If you are completely Dairy Allergic or follow a Vegan lifestyle please ask for the Vegan menu item, plain or with any additional mix-ins. 

Vegan Ingredients  

Coconut Milk, Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Palm Oil, Organic Palm Shortening, Marmite, Kosher Salt and Pepper.